Padawan Dibits

My Elizabeth girl has become a young Jedi.  Yesterday, she was able to summon an Epcot monorail with her hand.  Today, she was able to stop a thunderstorm with the same hand.

We took the day “off” today and just did some shopping and went to lunch.  We went to lunch at Downtown Disney at the Rainforest Cafe.  (By the way, they’ve raised their prices since I was last there.  It used to be Expensive, now it is like fall off your chair EXPENSIVE and I probably can’t go there anymore because I do have limits.  However, the Jungle Chop Salad is terrific.)  Anyway, if you’ve never been to a Rainforest Cafe, it’s all decorated to look like the rainforest and it rains in there (not on you) and there are animatronic animals and a lot of large fish tanks with tropical fish.  It’s really pretty fun.  But every half an hour, they have a thunderstorm, where the lights flicker and thunder booms and all the animatronic animals go wild.  Well, Elizabeth is afraid of thunder (“ah-booms”) so she did not enjoy that part.  And we were there for a long time (expensive and today, slow service), so we saw three thunderstorms.  For the first one, she buried her head into Matt’s shoulder and trembled.  For the second one, she was in her high chair, so I knelt down by her and she buried her head in my shoulder.  After that one was over, I told her that she made it go away by being so brave.  Matt was holding her for the third one (because I was paying while they walked around, as it had been a long time and Elizabeth was Tired of being in her high chair).  She put her head down for the first part, and then she raised herself up and put her hand out and said “I make it go away!”

So my little Jedi believes she can banish thunder with her tiny little baby hand.  And she obviously can, it did end.

And then a half hour later, she used her Jedi mind tricks to get Matt to buy her a monorail toy at the toy store.  She saw it, yelled “a yellow flying train!  A yellow one!”  (Except that yellow really sounds more like “yell-doe.”)  And then Matt picked it up for her, she grabbed it, and said “need to take ‘dis home, need to beep beep it, need to take ‘dis home now!”  (Beep beeping something is when you scan it at the cash register and she has had some of her more spectacular grocery shopping tantrums when I make her beep beep something.  She does not normally allow beep beeping if she can help it.  So asking to beep beep something is rather extraordinary.)  Then she covered Matt’s head with kisses and hugged his arm and head.  So I think it is fair to say that she’s learned manipulation rather well.

And, obviously, we bought it for her.  When we walked out of the store, put her down and handed it to her, she gave it a hug and a kiss.

But we aren’t total pushovers.  We didn’t buy her the $75 large monorail system with actual track and working monorails.  We’ll probably cave on that one later in the week.