Friday Night Leftovers- The Disney Edition

Here, have lots and lots of pictures. (This is like three days worth of pictures.)

I thought that Barb’s E was getting all enormous and giant.  Then Elizabeth stood next to him.

We met Lightning McQueen and Mater.  Elizabeth was impressed.

We saw Mr. Incredible.

Sadly, this is the only photograph I got of Elizabeth being a Jedi.  Which, by the way, she has continued and she is pretty sure that she can do pretty much anything with her arm.

We met Zurg at the Buzz Lightyear ride.

We finally met Jessie.  (We waited in line for a half an hour in the really hot sun.)  (Yeah, we’d do it again.)

And Elizabeth finally got her high five from Jessie.

However, after the high five, Elizabeth realized that Jessie was a little bit bigger than she looks on television and became a little concerned.  She was always a little bit concerned about Woody.

She had a really good time.  We let her walk around the parks quite a lot (whenever it wasn’t too crowded) and she really, really liked that.  (You might want to zoom in on this one for the happiness on her face.)

Matt and Mike went on Splash Mountain while Elizabeth and I played in the little kid area outside it.

Another day (today), we went to Universal.

And Elizabeth stripped down and played in the splash zone.

And she rode on the carousel “all by MYSELF, Mama!  I go up down!”  And the whole time she was on it, she shouted at her Uncle Mike, who was riding next to her, “ARE WE GOING UP DOWN, UNCLE MIKE?”

And then we went to the new Harry Potter section (you had to wait in line for a ticket to get in, then wait for the time on your ticket, and then you could go in- to the area, not on any of the rides).  I stood next to the Hogwarts Express for a photo op.

Elizabeth tasted her first butterbeer.  (For those non Harry Potter fans, don’t worry, it’s not actually beer.)  (It appears to be root beer with some butterscotch flavored cream stuff on top.)  She kept shouting “it tastes like soda!  SODA!”  And I asked her if she was allowed to drink soda and she shouted “NO!”  But whatever, we are on vacation.  (It’s going to take me weeks to get her unspoiled again.)

Harry Potter land (the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I believe) was delightfully English.

These were Elizabeth’s favorite in Harry Potter land.  They were from the Hogwarts’ choir and they (and their toads) were singing.

And here is Hogwarts.  The big fancy ride is inside it.  Matt and Mike said that it was awesome and totally worth waiting in line for.  I stayed behind with Elizabeth and drank butterbeer, so I can’t comment.  (I asked her if she wanted to walk around by herself while all the grown-ups went on the ride, but she declined.)

And here is Hogsmeade.

And here is the Hogwarts snowman.  I took this picture because it was quite hot outside.

And then we were tired and we went home.

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