Random Bullet Points

  • Perhaps I should have explained that I do not give their soccer balls back immediately.  We had one in our yard for over a month.  I have two back there right now that they’ve already asked me for.
  • When I threw all five back over the fence (it was a new record), I took Elizabeth with me and let her throw them over.  (Obviously, I held up up to the fence, she doesn’t get much distance with a ball that is nearly her size.)  Now, she peers out the back door at the two balls that are out there and cries “I need to trow dem back to da girl!”  So apparently that was fun.
  • Elizabeth napped yesterday (after an epic meltdown that tired her out, she wanted diaper rash cream, but not the acceptable diaper, eh, she was being two and tired) and I had to take her to the playground because I promised I would if she napped.  She said “go to da playground!  Go on da slide!  Go on da stairs.”  (I was with her up to this point.)  Then she said “and have a snack!”  Huh?  We don’t have snacks on the playground.  (Well, not often, sometimes we meet friends for picnic lunches.)  Then she said “have a snack at Chik-fil-a!”  And I remembered that the only playground she’s been to in ages is the Chik-fil-a playground, as it has been cold and yucky outside.
  • Today, I offered her the same bribe.  Go to sleep for nap and we can go to the playground.  She cried and threw everything out of her crib and took off her sleep sack.  Then she pulled down the covers for the rails that keep her from biting her crib.  Then she fell asleep, stuck sideways in the crib with her knee up.  (She was kicking the wall.)  So now I have to take her to the playground.
  • I put on a really cute new shirt today that Barb gave me when I was there.  (The black one, Barb, with the scoop neck.)  I felt all stylish and fancy.  Then, three minutes later, I was covered in dog hair.
  • All the new toys from Disney were TOTALLY worth it.  She’s been playing BY HERSELF for three days.  I even got to read blogs this morning.  I never get to read blogs when Elizabeth is awake.  She likes to climb on me and press buttons on the computer.  And the playing by herself is good because I am trying not to die from that cold.