If I knew how to put in some little fireworks on this page, I would totally do it.  Because…

The house rented!

For those of you playing alone at home, yes, we have been paying two mortgages and two sets of utility bills since we moved to Georgia because we hadn’t sold or rented the old house yet.  (And by old house, I mean newer than the one we live in currently because it was built in 2008.)  (And for those of you thinking “how much could utility bills be on an empty house?” let me tell you, nearly as much on a full house, being that there are fees and taxes and apparently you pay for wastewater and trash even when you don’t live there.)  Not that we hadn’t been trying, but I don’t know if you’ve heard, it’s not the greatest housing market out there for selling right now.  (However, it is pretty awesome for buying and we did that too.)

So, now our Florida house is rented.  To a nice couple in their thirties with no pets.  According to my property manager anyway.  She also says that they make excellent money and are thrilled with the house.  So those are things that are nice to have in renters.

My dream now would be for the house to stay rented to these (hopefully) lovely and careful people for the next, oh, five years while the market recovers, when we will sell the house for a giant profit and be able to retire and live like millionaires.  Oh wait, did I get a little carried away at the end of that sentence there?

Okay, well, selling the house eventually for not-a-loss when the market recovers.  Or if renting it works out without too many headaches, doing that.

Courtney and Holly (but not Helen, because she canceled) are lucky because now there will be cake* at tomorrow’s playdate.

*Probably.  Probably there will be cake.  I feel tremendously better today because of the medicine, but you know, still tired.