Friday Night Leftovers

  • You know how it is often the stay-at-home-mom’s dream to get to go to the bathroom alone?  Well, this week, I was accompanied by a toddler, a small dog, and a red balloon.  The red balloon really made it extra special.
  • We had the best playdate this morning.  With pie.  (I made Cali’s pie instead of cake.)
  • Except…Elizabeth forgot how to share and be nice to other kids while we were on vacation.  She had something like five time-outs during the playdate and there would have been more except that I gave up, as they clearly weren’t working.
  • They all smoothed at towards the end though and started chasing each other in circles around the house.  As a result, Elizabeth is currently napping and I am hoping that Adam and Isaac are too.
  • I think the weather is now nice enough that we can start having picnics in the park and such like that again.  Anyone for next Friday?
  • I made some homemade pasta today and seriously, I love homemade pasta.  It’s not that hard either, I wonder why I don’t do it more often.  Then I remember how easy it is to just dump a box of dried pasta into water.
  • We’ve had hot chocolate in the mornings for the last few days because of my cough.  Elizabeth LOVES hot chocolate.  (Normally we have it once every few weeks, if that.)  Apparently she expects it now.  She came downstairs, got into her booster seat, and demanded “HOT CHOCOLATE PEASE.  HOT CHOCOLATE PEASE NOW.”
  • Elizabeth has been playing non-stop with her new Disney toys.  Awesome.  I’ve actually been able to read books.  Because she is playing ALONE.  (Has anyone met Elizabeth?  This is rare.)

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