Cutey Baby Review

Recently, CuteyBaby offered me the chance to do a review of their new diapering system.  They’ve recently released a two part cloth diapering system which will be sold in grocery stores.

I’m really excited about the fact that people will be able to buy cloth diapers in grocery stores.  For the most part, cloth diapers are only available at specialty boutiques (none within driving distance of me) and online.  Okay, other people will be able to buy cloth diapers in grocery stores, I still won’t.  They are going to be sold in Albertsons/Jewel stores and there aren’t any of those near me.  Well, where we live now anyway, in Idaho there were Albertsons all over.  (Albertsons is headquartered in Boise, I interviewed there right after I graduated from college.  No, before I graduated from college.  It was a long time ago, they probably don’t remember me anymore.  Anyway…)

Anyway, I was very interested in doing this cloth diaper review.  Mainly because I already had a CuteyBaby diaper and I wasn’t that impressed with the version I had.  I was hoping that there had been some improvements in the new version (and there had).

The new version comes with a wrap and two soakers.  You put one of the soakers inside the wrap (there is a stretchy pocket to hold it in).  I was also sent a package of flushable diaper liners to try.  (I totally see why people are such fans of flushable diaper liners.  I haven’t gotten totally hooked yet because I am not in the habit of using them, but they are awfully convenient.)

As you can see, the diaper print is very cute and someone else likes it too…

We received this diaper a couple of weeks ago and although we were interrupted by vacation, Elizabeth has worn it several times so that we gave it a nice workout.

Functionally, it works perfectly.  We had no leaks, no blowouts, and everything stayed where it was supposed to.  I really like the new velcro that CuteyBaby is using.  (The velcro on the old version was one of the things I didn’t like about the old version, but I think I like this new velcro better than the velcro on all my other diapers.)  The inner lining is really soft and fuzzy and I love that.  I also like the looks of the diaper from the outside.  I like the diapers that have the velcro that meets in the middle, I think it looks neater and more uniform.

However, there are a few things I don’t particularly like about this diapering system.  The fact that it comes with two soakers confuses me.  The wrap isn’t totally waterproof and I wasn’t ever able to reuse it without washing it first, so that second soaker has never been used.  I suppose you could use it to double stuff the diaper, but one soaker was absorbent enough for us.  (But having an additional soaker isn’t really a downfall, I suppose.  But if you were thinking to use this as a cover/insert system and not buy as many covers, I suspect you would be disappointed.)  The elastic on the inside that holds the soaker in place leaves marks on Elizabeth’s skin and although she’s never complained, it just doesn’t look that comfortable to me.  The fit isn’t as good as our usual diapers too, but that can be just luck of the draw and vary based on the shape of your particular baby.  (Also, this is a sized diaper system, not a one-size.  Elizabeth received a large diaper, based on her age and weight, but maybe she needed a medium as she has become kind of a taller, skinnier baby.)

My kind of neutral observation is that the waist doesn’t stay up that well.  It was never a functional problem, but we definitely have more of a saggy diaper butt with this diaper.  Of course, this could be considered a plus if you enjoy an occasional view of tiny baby plumber’s crack.

Anyway, I’d say that I am satisfied with the new CuteyBaby “That’s a Wrap”.  They are a newer diapering company than some of the other brands, so I think they still have a few kinks to work out.  However, that doesn’t stop me from totally coveting their Nantucket Stripe print.

If you live near a store that is going to be selling CuteyBaby diapers, go check them out!

*CuteyBaby sent me the diaper for free.  But they didn’t tell me what to say and obviously I gave you my own opinion.  I didn’t get any cash money or anything.