Lost Toys

Ages ago, on my old blog, I wrote a post about my systematic search to find the red hexagon block when it went missing from the shape sorter.  (I was victorious and I found the hexagon, in case you weren’t reading back then.)  There were a few…shall we call them “dire predictions” at that time that soon that tendency would be beaten out of me because toddlers lose toys.

Well, I am still victorious.  We still have every piece of every toy.  Occasionally, a piece of something goes missing, but I have always managed to locate it again.  (I can say this today because this morning, I found the teeny tiny Mickey Mouse that has been missing for three days.  It was in my closet, under Matt’s sweatshirt bin.  Obviously.)

I’m thinking that this toy track record is because I am fairly obsessive (duh) and I enjoy order.  When I clean up the toys, I put them all back where they go, in their organized sections.  We don’t have a toy bin that I just dump all the toys in, so when I am picking up the blocks for the shape sorter, I am putting them in the shape sorter and I notice if one is missing.

And that being said, I need to go out and get another toy storage unit for the playroom (and move the bookshelves into the dining room to make room for it) because we are becoming overrun.  And then I shall forbid anyone we know to ever buy another new toy for us again.