Friday Night Leftovers

  • Operation: Better Bedtime began tonight with Matt putting her to bed.  I can hear them over the monitor, right now.  Matt’s voice doesn’t pick up as well (he’s not quite as shrill), but I hear no crying and Elizabeth demanding “Mama do it!  No, Mama do it!”  So hopefully, she’ll at least appreciate me more after this.
  • And now she’s demanded noodles (which sounds like “noonulls”) and ice cream and she’d like to go back to Disney World to get them.
  • We had Courtney and Isaac and Noah over today and had so much fun.  If you haven’t heard, Courtney broke her foot, so I made her come over for the whole day so that I could force her to sit down.
  • We started at our local Burger King because they have an awesome playground, where we were joined by Holly and Adam and another mom and her kids.  We stayed there for THREE hours.  Then everyone went to their own houses, except Courtney and Co. came to our house.
  • All three kids even napped here, which I consider a miracle.  I mean, yes, they were tired after playing on the playground for three hours, but for two of them, it was a different house, different beds, and for the other one, it was really exciting to have two friends over at naptime.
  • Even with a broken foot, it is hard to make Courtney sit down.  She kept jumping up.  Next time I am going to tie her to something.  I think it was partially because she was at my house- when I heard a thud, I thought “eh, if I need to go over there, someone will cry” and Courtney probably thought “AH, what part of Jen’s house are they breaking?”  (Answer: no one broke anything, our house is pretty Dibits proofed.)
  • Elizabeth went to bed nicely and calmly for Matt.  She’s not asleep yet, but she’s not crying and she didn’t do any of that stuff I mentioned yesterday.  So this will be the plan of attack for a few days, until she forgets the nightly battle we were having.
  • (Matt did have to promise to watch a movie with her in the morning.)
  • So, Matt is mine and no one can have him.  Let me explain why I am definitely keeping him.  Last night, we decided on take-out for dinner tonight, instead of possibly going out.  He called this afternoon to discuss which kind of take-out.  (It was my turn to choose.)  I told him that I couldn’t decide between Chinese or pizza.  He said “why don’t we get both?”  So we ordered less than we normally get of each and got both.  And he picked them both up on his way home!  Dinner was so good.  And obviously, as you cannot actually order half of a normal order (we got small pizzas instead of mediums and no Chinese appetizer, but still, a lot of food), lunch tomorrow will be really good too.  (Oh, and our pizza place is buy one, get one free, so you always get pizzas, not just a pizza.)

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