Cute Baby Saturday

Asleep in the car.  Yes, at 4:45pm, about five minutes before we got home.  (I woke her up after a few minutes.  Mean, I know, but I did give her a cookie to make up for it.)

We still take monthly pictures with Bear.  Here, she was trying to watch television around me.

She got new shoes today.  Matt liked them.  She calls them “Uncle Mikey shoes.”  I don’t know why.  We talked to Uncle Mikey on the phone in the car before we bought them, I suppose that is enough of a reason.  (Elizabeth: “Uncle Mikey!  Did you come to my house?  We are going to Target!  We are going to get a sucker!  We are out in the rain!”  And those are the things that are important when you are two.)

I swear, sometimes I do brush her hair.

She has decided that every night before bed, there shall be a dance party in the living room.  “Dada!  Turn on the musics!”