Dear Elizabeth,

Seriously, it was adorable when I asked you how you were doing in the morning and your answer was “I’m so pretty.”

Also, this morning, when I told you that I was still tired and you told me to come there and then patted my back and told me “it’s okay, baby, it’s okay.”  Also, adorable.




Dear Baby that Claimed Not to Be Tired,

I didn’t believe you.  And since you yelled for a few minutes and then flopped down and went immediately to sleep, it appears that I was right.


Mama who is nearly always right.


Dear Trin dog,

If you could stop rolling in the grass clippings and then coming to the door to be let inside, I would really appreciate it.


The Woman Who Vaccums


Dear Animal Cookies,

Seriously?  I don’t remember this from childhood.  You look so innocent with your pink and white fudge frosting and you are certainly delicious.  But, honestly, how strong is that pink dye?  Elizabeth asked to wear pink socks today after I changed her diaper because she wanted to “match the pink poopies!”




People of the Grocery Store,

Please don’t take it personally, but the adorable child is shy and she doesn’t want to talk to you.  Now, most of you are understanding and nice, but if you have us cornered in line and the baby is yelling “NO” and crying every time you speak to her, please try to figure it out.


I Really Ought to Go to a Better Grocery Store


Dear Lunch,

I should really have eaten you instead of a can of Pringles.