Some Nice Pictures

I have a huge amount of stuff to do today, including but not limited to cooking two meals for families that are not my own, so I thought we’d have some nice pictures for a post today.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth disagreed with me.

Here she is, protesting being photographed while examining Matt’s lunch.  (Her observation: “Did Dada losted his lunch?”  My observation: No, because he picked a few things out of it and left the rest behind.)

Then she banged on the curtains in protest of the paparazzi.

Finally, we came to an agreement.  I could take her picture if I let her choose a candy.  (Yes, that is still our Halloween candy.)

First she wanted gum, but I told her that babies don’t chew gum.

Then she settled on a Three Musketeers, a child after my own heart.

And when she was done eating it, she told me “I need my picture taken again!  I need my picture taken again so that I can get another brown candy!”

P.S.  Something screwy is going on with comments today.  So if you don’t see your comment right away, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  I’ll fix it later.  But leave a comment, okay, so that I have plenty of test subjects to try to fix it?