Friday Night Leftovers

  • Thank you for all the nice comments.  Except you, Lindsay.  ;)  We’re in a fight now, huh?  Well, I can fight dirty.  WATCH OUT.
  • Honestly, you should probably all be really happy that I waited this long to tell.  Do you know how much complaining you’ve missed?  Especially Twitter.  There would have been a lot of complaints on Twitter about me feeling like I am going to throw up and being really tired.
  • Because, seriously, really tired.  And my score on Spider Solitaire has gone from a 98% win rate to a 47% win rate.  Not even kidding.  And I had to skip down to playing the beginner level too.
  • I was going to go to the Pioneer Woman’s book signing today.  I really wanted to go too.  But it is more than an hour away and started at six in the evening.  I hear these things can get really crowded too and take hours.  And Elizabeth didn’t sleep enough last night and needs to go to bed in the next twenty minutes.  So it just didn’t work.  Next time.
  • I am so ready for spring.  We had a batch of really nice weather and all the plants started blooming.  Then it got cold again.  It’s been in the forties all week.
  • Speaking of cold, yes, it is cold.  But it is not so cold that a toddler dressed in jeans and a long sleeved shirt needs a jacket and hat to walk from the parking lot to the doctor’s office.  But thank you for your concern, nosy old lady.
  • She wasn’t wearing shoes either (she insisted on her “clip clop” princess shoes, which are dress up shoes that are about twice as long as her feet and she handed them to me in the car so that I could “keep ‘dem safe, Mama”) (I was carrying her) and the nosy old lady felt her feet to see if they were cold.  Obviously, Elizabeth shouted “NO!  NO TOUCH MY FEET!” and kicked her.  That was awesome.
  • I think we are going to try to do some house work this weekend.  (I say this here in order to hopefully force us to actually do it.)  We need to move the bookshelves across the house to make room for all of Elizabeth’s toys, which I swear may be actively reproducing on their own.
  • Daylight Savings time is this weekend.  I used to not mind Daylight Savings Time and even enjoy the good one.  But since Elizabeth was born, I despise Daylight Savings Time.  I cannot believe how much an hour time change can mess up the baby.  I don’t even know how she gets so cranky.  We don’t even have that strict of the time schedule.  I am hoping that since she’s older since the last one and sleeping so much better, it won’t be such a problem.
  • We are having the Mom’s Club Saint Patrick’s Day party at our house.  I am making corned beef and cabbage and everyone is supposed to bring something.  But does anyone have any good ideas to make the party more awesome?  It’s a lunch party.

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