Cute Baby Saturday

This week’s edition of Cute Baby Saturday is featuring the Dibits, wearing a dog collar, and her friend Isaac, wearing the contents of Elizabeth’s dress up closet.  Oh, and if anyone is wondering, the pink fairy wand?  Is not a wand.  If you ask Elizabeth, it is a sword and she uses it to hit dragons.    She doesn’t know what this wand thing is that everyone keeps referring to.

And then introducing:

Rather a bad picture and it’s more than a month old, so I imagine it has, you know, grown some more organs and stuff within that time.  (I’m going to a “regular” OB and they apparently do not give me an ultrasound every time I show up.  What is up with that?  I’ve only gotten the ONE ultrasound.  And only then because I begged for it.  This is ridiculous.)