Saint Patrick's Day Party

Well, our party was a rousing success.  The food was all fantastic.  Including, if I do say so myself, the corned beef and cabbage that I made.  I did eventually get the cabbage into the crock pot with the corned beef and potatoes.  I had to jam it in the top, smoosh the lid on, and then when the lid didn’t exactly close, cover the whole thing with foil.  After about an hour, the cabbage had cooked down enough that the lid closed again.  But seriously good food and I ate too much.  The final count was nine adults and fifteen children.  One set of no-shows and one set of cancellation for an illness (we missed you, Holly, I hope Adam feels better!)  No injuries, no spills of note (well, Elizabeth did hand my glass of milk to a baby and he dumped it over, but milk doesn’t stain unless you let it sit), and everyone had fun.

My idea of all the balloons was excellent and I did not get a headache from blowing them up.  My idea of removing the more easily breakable and more often fought over toys was also excellent.  The kids got out every toy we own (like they do) so having some of them put away was really helpful.  (And they still had PLENTY to play with.)

One of my favorite moments of the day was when we sat three of the kids down at the tiny table to eat lunch together.  A minute later I heard a squeal, so I went to see what was up.  Elizabeth was removing her blueberries from her plate (“I no yike these booberries, Mama”) and putting them on the plate of the girl sitting next to her.  This girl was squealing at each blueberry and putting them back on Elizabeth’s plate.  I think it could have gone on indefinitely if I hadn’t run some blueberry interference.

And I am going to clean up the playroom tomorrow…