An Update

Because what else do I have to do but sit around and look at my computer?

My water broke at about two thirty this afternoon and I am somewhat dilated.  There is a Harry Potter marathon on television.  I get to take a sleeping pill tonight.  (If I want, I am pretty sure they’ll bring me whatever.  I haven’t tried for whiskey yet, but I’ll keep you updated.)  They are letting me eat, thank goodness.  I didn’t have breakfast this morning and I get pretty mean when I have low blood sugar.  Matt went out and brought me tator tots with chili and cheese.  I have WAY fewer monitors and wires and hospital bracelets than when I had Elizabeth, so I am much more physically comfortable.  I am starting to get a wee bit uncomfortable, but like I said, anything I want, so in a few minutes, I’ll hit the button that brings me whatever I want.  My nurse today was awesome (Debbie, so that I remember when I write a nice letter to the hospital about her later).  I am amusing myself by making inappropriate comments, mostly in my head, a few out loud.  (Sample inappropriate comment: “well, this will probably be a pretty effective way to fund-raise for the March of Dimes.”)

I love my OB practice and this hospital.  The doctor who did my ultrasound this morning offered me tissues and cookies and I feel like that is a woman with real understanding.  They took us into a room when we first got here and then said “wait, we are going to move you across the hall, to the bigger room.”  Matt said “the BIGGER room?”  In other words, this hospital is WAY nicer and newer than the one in Florida.  They gave me the double occupancy room, even though I am going to remain single occupancy, so Matt has his own bed, instead of one of those fold out chair things.

Anyway, there is a piece of cake on my little pull out table thing, so I better deal with that immediately.