Morning Update

I’m about one to two centimeters dilated, still think, about 60% effaced.  Moving along, though slowly.  The verdict is “probably today.”

I slept pretty well and I am still allowed to eat.  (So my breakfast is behind this computer waiting for me, so this will be short as I am hungry.)

They got me a blood pressure cuff from pediatrics, so I am not annoyed at the blood pressure cuff like I was while I was in labor with Elizabeth.  (It was too long and it poked my arm constantly.)

Matt is going to bring my Elizabeth to visit me for a little while this morning and then she is off for a day of fun and playgrounds with her friends.  And I love my friends for totally having my back with her.

Actually, all of you have my back.  It is seriously wonderful and one of the only things that is keeping me okay that every time I feel like touching the send/receive button on my email, a handful of nice comments and emails rolls in.  Thanks, guys.