A Post of Nothings

  • I don’t have much of anything to write today but I am making myself write so that I don’t ossify.
  • I took the last dose of Horrible Medicine last night, hooray.  It took me 75% of the doses to notice that it was what was making me feel absolutely horrible.  It was to shrink my uterus back down, which wasn’t happening on its own, partially because I retained the placenta for so long.  But I finished the prescription and my stomach is now concave instead of convex when I lie on my back.  And hopefully, I will feel a lot better now that that horrible medicine is out of my system.
  • Thank God for Elizabeth.  This would be so much harder without her.
  • Speaking of Elizabeth, she’s totally nakey and watching a movie.  She’s been getting away with a lot of extra stuff lately.  As a result, she’s also having a bit what Mattt and I are calling a Party Hangover.  I don’t think she’s napped since last Tuesday, she’s been eating whatever she wants, and she’s been watching WAY too much television.  Eh, we’ll make her behave later.  It’s hard to say no when she says “watch ice cream show, Mama, PEASE!”  And a week or two of partying won’t have any effect on her long term.
  • I’m eating fine, thanks to friends who are providing lots of delicious food.
  • I’m sleeping pretty well too.  I have some nice medicine for pain which I am taking at bedtime to help me sleep.
  • The house is clean again which makes me happy.
  • I found a bag of marbles yesterday and handed one to Elizabeth to look at while I sorted the rest.  I looked down and she was confusedly trying to bite down on it.  I told her that it wasn’t candy, it was a rock.  Then she decided that a bag of “gween rocks” were the best toy ever.  She tried to feed a handful of them to the television “to make da ice cream show come on.”
  • I had chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.  I might also have a piece of sourdough toast in a minute.  With cheese, everything should have cheese.