The Outpouring of Love

Sometimes, people complain about how much new attention a blog gets when there is a tragedy. Kind of like people slowing down on the freeway to stare at a car accident.  They say it shouldn’t be like that.  I’ve always kind of thought it was nice though- that when someone needs extra love, the whole community rallies to give it to them.

Now I can say for sure- it is nice.  In the last few days, I’ve been overwhelmed by all the wonderful comments and emails.  All the people who linked to me on their blogs.  The support I’ve been getting is one of the things that is getting me through this in reasonable shape.  I truly hope that all my new people hang around and continue to read as the days, weeks, and months pass.  I blog because I love the connections and the friends I’ve made.  A small shining spot in the middle of all this horror is that I am getting new connections and new friends.