The Middle

This part is much harder for me to write about. (And a warning, it occasionally gets a little graphic, with blood and stuff.)

After my water broke, nothing much changed for a while.  Eventually, we got practical details taken care of, like Elizabeth care and the dogs, and Matt came back to the hospital.  With my computer, thankfully.  I spent all of Friday and Saturday dilated to one to two centimeters, with no real contractions.  Eventually, they started some pitocin and I started dilating a little more.  Friday night, I was given a sleeping pill and I slept pretty much all night.  Matt went home to sleep, so that Elizabeth could sleep in her own bed.  I woke up once on Friday night to hear another baby being born.  After, some of the nurses came to check on me, found me awake, and I accepted a shot of pain medicine which made me fall back asleep.

On Saturday morning, Matt brought Elizabeth to visit me for a little while, which was so nice.  Then she left to spend the day playing with one of her best friends and to have a sleepover at his house.

Time gets a little fuzzy for me during Saturday.  I had been there so long already with nothing much changing, but it also felt like no time had passed at all.  There were no windows in my room, so night and day didn’t even seem any different.

At some point on Saturday, I started bleeding, a lot.  Nothing to be concerned about or anything, but I would sit up and gush enough blood and clots that the nurse would search them to make sure it was just blood.  But I stayed at about one centimeter until they started the pitocin.

I don’t remember when, but at some point I started throwing up violently and I got a really painful shot in my hip to make that all stop.  (It worked.  But my hip still hurts like crazy when I sleep on it at night.)

I ate dinner on Saturday night, and since I was still at two centimeters, I asked for a sleeping pill.  I fell asleep, but started being occasionally woken up by contractions.  (At one point, I had the thought “wow, it is weird that this pain keeps coming in waves.  It starts, then goes away, and then it is back.”  Then I thought “duh, Jen, you are in labor, contractions.”)

At about one thirty in the morning, I could no longer sleep, so I buzzed my nurse and told them I wanted to discuss my options for pain relief.  Mostly I wanted another pain shot, but depending on what was going on, I was also entitled to an epidural if I wanted one, so I wanted to see where we were.  The narcotic pain shots helped, but they didn’t really make me not feel the pain, I just didn’t care anymore.

The nurse came in and said that I could have the epidural if I wanted, but she’d check me first.  She checked and told me that I was about four centimeters.  And then she said “I think that’s…let me go get someone else to check.”  Another two (or three?) nurses came in and one of them checked and said, yes, that was.  They said that I should push.  Matt was standing by the head of my bed and holding my hand.

I pushed, once, and our baby was born.