My Girlie

Our current routine is to bring Elizabeth into bed with us (or me, if it is a weekday) when she wakes up and let her have a little movie time.  This morning, she requested “Toy Story wif Barbie and Ken” so I put that on for her for a little bit.  After a few minutes, she told me “Mama, I need a snack.  I need a snack upstairs.”  I told her that we don’t eat snacks in Mama and Dada’s bed, but if she waited a few minutes, I would take a quick shower and then we’d go downstairs and make breakfast.  I asked her if she wanted to go in the shower with me or stay in the bed and watch her show.  She chose her show.  (Which is her choice about 98% of the time.)

I got in the shower and I heard her open the bedroom door.  This is okay, our house is pretty much Dibits Proofed and all the doors to the outside have baby proof handles on them.  (Because she can unlock and open a door, she has proved this at playdates, where she has twice let other children escape outside.  She never goes anywhere, she likes to stick with Mama, but she has been an enabler.  Not that anyone escaped farther than a porch.)  I leave the bathroom door open when I take a shower and she likes to come in and out between me and her movie.  So I heard her go downstairs and a minute later, she appears in the bathroom, extremely pleased with herself.  She is also carrying a take-out container of white rice from the Chinese restaurant.

So since I told her to wait for breakfast, she went downstairs, opened the refrigerator, decided on plain, cold white rice (this is not the first time she’s chosen that as a snack either, as much as it disgusts me, she seems to like it), and brought it back upstairs.  While I finished my shower, she alternated between standing in front of her movie, eating rice by the handful (with the little dog helpfully picking up anything that dropped), and coming in to the bathroom to show me her prize.