The Park

As is traditional, complaining to the internet yesterday about everything that hurt helped and now I feel somewhat better.  My hips still ache, but everything else feels a good bit better.  And I still have very little energy, but I have more than I did.  I’ve even done some laundry, which was extremely necessary.

Yesterday morning, I took Elizabeth to the playground for a few minutes.  We were out of the house for less than twenty-five minutes total, but she needed that.  It was also almost raining while we were there and it had rained hard the night before.  She wanted to go on the swings, but I told her they were wet.  So she went over to look at them and discovered big puddles underneath each one.  She delicately and slowly put her foot into one of the puddles.  I said “well, that is…interesting.”  She chirped “dats interesting!  Dats interesting, Mama!”  And then she stomped around in them for a few minutes.  When she came out, she looked at me and said “dat was…FUN, Mama!”  She also fell down in the dirt while we were there.  So, when I loaded her into the car, I stripped her down to her diaper and gave her a blanket for her car seat.  I gave her a bath in the sink when we got home.  (And when I asked her “are you ready to get in the tubby?” she corrected me and said “da SINK, Mama, the tubby is upstairs.”)  And then she had hot chocolate.