For Elizabeth’s snack this afternoon, I gave her a few slices of turkey from the deli.  (Don’t even try to make it into a sandwich though.)  She ate four slices, then demanded two more.  She left the room with them, apparently ate one, and then returned pushing her stroller with the last slice in the basket.  I told her that she’d better move her turkey or the little dog would get it.  (He was following her around eagerly.)  She agreed and snatched up the last piece of turkey and left the room to find a good hiding spot.

A minute later she came back in crying.  I asked her what was wrong and she said “I need more!  I need another one.  I need a good one.”  I asked what happened to her last piece of turkey and she told me “little dog taked it.  He taked it in his mouf and it is GONE!”