I'm Not Even Kidding

So, in the last two weeks, we’ve had a dead baby, Matt’s slipped disc in his back (it’s back and he required another procedure, this was with me two days post-partum and he couldn’t really walk for two days, but he’s better now), a stolen credit card, and now, a tornado.

I’m not even kidding, a tornado just hit our rental house in Florida.

Now this could have been much, much worse. The house is rented now (thank goodness) and the tenants went into the closet and weren’t hurt (Thank Goodness with Capital Letters). The reports I am getting are preliminary, but it appears that the damage to our property was very minimal. So far, our property manager is only aware of damage to the fence, which is SO SO SO what I would choose to damage if I had to choose. Obviously, we have to pay for this (or our insurance does, we are looking into it). This could have been so much worse.

But really, a tornado? NOW?  This is starting to seem like a joke.