Friday Night Leftovers

  • If anyone tries an April Fools joke on me this year, I am going to hit them.
  • I had to get my belt out again, my pants were starting to fall down again.  (Pants never fit me right, I always need a belt when I have a waist, no matter what size of pants I buy.)
  • I got an email from someone last night.  She forgave me for acting so distant when she saw me at the mall, she didn’t know what I was going through, and obviously that is why her conversation wasn’t very helpful.  Only- this was a week and a half before Luke died.  I was quiet because I was tired and nauseated and because I don’t really like her.
  • Elizabeth told me that I should take her “to da playground!” today.  I might.  It’s kind of gloomy and wet outside.  (We had more thunderstorms last night.)
  • I got pictures of the tornado damage to our Florida house.  It doesn’t look very bad, we are hoping that the property management’s maintenance guy can go fix it easily and without massive amounts of money.  The tornado did make the news.  Also, from that news story, I’m pretty sure that I heard about it less than an hour after it happened, so good job, property management company.
  • My website here keeps going down.  Sorry.  Apparently my hosting site sucks.  A fix is in the works.
  • After Elizabeth was born, my most painful physical days were days five through ten.  Today is day twelve and I am mostly back to normal.  My hip joints still really hurt all the time, but for the most part, everything else is okay unless I poke it.  (Anti-nausea shot in my left hip and failed IV site in my right arm still hurt, but only if I poke them or sleep on them.)   And I am still completely out of energy by about 3:30 in the afternoon.  But overall, much better.
  • Go read this post on Creating Motherhood and see why the internet is so awesome.
  • Just got an email from my property management company, the fence was almost completely fixed by the maintenance guy.  They might have to have the fence company come out for a small part, but instead of hundreds or thousands of dollars, I think we are looking at a small travel fee, if anything.  Whew.

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