I went and got my hair done today.  A while ago, my mom offered to pay for me to have one of those fancy hair straightening treatments.  I didn’t get it at first because we were so busy with visitors and events (like Thanksgiving, Elizabeth’s birthday, and Christmas) and then I didn’t get it because I don’t like to apply chemicals to my head while I am pregnant.  So today, with free babysitting by my mom and aunt, I went and got my hair treated and cut.

Firstly, it took three hours.  Three hours.  And my head smells funny and will continue to do so for another two days until I am allowed to wash it.  And here are my observations:

  • If you forbid your hair salon clients from using their cell phones, you need to also forbid your stylists from using their cell phones.
  • Salon and spas should clean their ceilings, particularly the part of the ceiling over the sink where you get your hair washed.
  • You really need to inform your clients that you only accept cash before they spend three hours getting their hair done with a very expensive procedure.  (I actually had the cash, but that was a remarkable coincidence.  I NEVER carry that much cash.  Only because my mom is here and she gave me cash to pay me back for something.)

It was actually a satisfactory procedure, even though it sounds like I am complaining a lot.  I will eventually post a picture of my hair.  And I will let you know how much I like the hair treatment (keratin smoothing treatment or something) after I have washed it and dried it and I see how well it holds up to me not spending any time fixing my hair.