One of my reactions to stress is to have stressful dreams or nightmares.  For the first week, I had nightmares and then moved on mainly to stressful dreams.  Luckily, I haven’t had my worst nightmare (snakes everywhere- my irrational fear is snakes), but I have had several dreams about swimming away from sharks that are trying to eat me and I’ve also been chased by bears.  (One standard, one polar.)

Then I just moved on to the dreams that aren’t exactly nightmares but are stressful in nature.  These usually involve something like me trying to pack up all my things from a hotel room (and there are things EVERYWHERE) in time to make an airplane.  Last night, I dreamed that I was trying to pack up a campsite on the beach (with lots of deep shifting sand that made it hard to walk, and campfires that kept flaring up out of control) while we (there were other people there, though I don’t know who anymore) were being watched by Larry from that Newhart show (yes, that really old show, and no, I haven’t watched a single episode of it or even really thought of it for probably ten years).