As nice as it is to have company, it is also nice when they go home.

Since it is on my mind, I’d like to open a discussion.  What did your parents do when you were growing up that you swore you would do differently?  And then did you actually do it differently?

The ones that come to mind for me are very trivial.  (I suspect when Elizabeth is a teenager, I might remember some more things that I swore I would never do to my children.)  But I remember that when my mom cut strawberries, she never pulled the stems up before she cut them off.  So there were always a few little bits of strawberry leaf in the strawberry.  The other food related one that drove me crazy (and I complained about very vocally when growing up, I don’t know if I ever mentioned the strawberry one) was that my mom didn’t clean all the silk off the corn on the cob before she boiled it.  So I always got those little strings stuck in my teeth (and eventually earned myself the job of cleaning all the corn- you can complain too much).  My mom would also complain about how many clean dish towels we got out.

So, as you can guess, there are never any stems in my cut up strawberries, all my corn is quite pristine, and you are welcome to get out as many clean dish towels as you’d like in my house.

(This post is not me criticizing my mother- she rocks.  I’m sure I do things that drive other people crazy too.)