The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

We went to the zoo TWICE this week.  (Why, yes, it is only Wednesday!  We went on Monday with my mom and my sister and then today with the Mom’s Club.)

I love this picture of Elizabeth and the baby panda.  (Apparently baby pandas are kind of a big deal?)

And here is Elizabeth introducing herself to the daddy panda.

And this is the zoo playground.  She rode on this teeter totter for ages and kept yelling “Mama, say “go Susan!””  (Susan is Elizabeth’s favorite character from the movie Monsters versus Aliens and Susan is brave, so when Elizabeth is needing to be brave, she pretends to be Susan.)  And then when another little girl rode next to her, I was instructed to say “go other Susan” to the other little girl.

And she switches outfits and hairstyles because it is now Wednesday and our second trip.

She refused to ride in her stroller for Monday’s trip, so I didn’t take it today.  So here is a picture of her riding in someone else’s stroller.  (Elizabeth and the other little girl switched back and forth during the day, mostly to make each other mad.  Both actually preferred to walk, but neither wanted the other to ride in the stroller.)

And here, one of the other women was trying to get her one year old to pose on this stump.  (She had her picture taken there before, she was trying to recreate it.)  Elizabeth watched this little girl be posed and then her get up and wander away before her mom could get off the shot.  So Elizabeth walked up and said “I will sit here.”