The List

I am feeling in need of a project.  I have decided that it should be Project: Get Everything Done, as I have had a list for myself basically since we moved here.  So I am going to create a master list here for myself.  And for you because you internet people keep me motivated.

Items are in no particular order:

  1. Paint bathroom
  2. Sewing
  3. Filing Cabinet
  4. Haircut
  5. Move bookshelves
  6. Returns
  7. Frame and hang pictures
  8. Sort Elizabeth’s clothes
  9. Store Elizabeth’s clothes
  10. Photograph Etsy stuff
  11. List Etsy stuff
  12. Clean garage
  13. Declutter garage
  14. Craig’s List garage stuff
  15. Clean out kitchen cabinets
  16. Organize laundry room
  17. Get new bedroom furniture
  18. Start taking vitamins regularly again
  19. Decorate mantel
  20. Clean guest room
  21. Clean guest room bathroom
  22. Get diaper rash cream stain out of Elizabeth’s carpet
  23. Figure out what to do with dog crates
  24. Get fireplace working

Some things are already crossed off because I just finished them last week and it is far more pleasant to start a giant to-do list with some things already finished.