Monday Random Stories

Well, by putting up that list of things to do, it jump started me and I have already done like four more things.  I cleaned the guest bathroom this morning before I even came downstairs.  Yes, I am awesome, thank you for asking.  (When I am done writing this, I am going to go clean the guest bedroom.  However, it is likely to be years before we actually paint the bathroom.)

We went to the playground with the Mom’s Club this morning and stayed for three hours.  When we were leaving, I was going to stop at Walmart for a few groceries because we have nothing for dinner except chicken nuggets and spaghetti, but Elizabeth lost it when we were getting in the car.  So we came home instead.  (And will be having chicken nuggets and spaghetti for dinner tonight, oh well.)  But when we pulled into the garage, Elizabeth started crying again “I want to go to Walmart!  I want to go to Walmart.”

I got my bloodwork done this morning.  That clotting disorder test requires a LOT of blood.  Elizabeth held my hand for the first seven or so vials, and then she moved on to attempting to flip down the chair arm and squish me.

While I was waiting for my bloodwork, an older man came out and started talking to Elizabeth.  She was very shy, like she always is with strangers.  He showed her his arm where he had just gotten his bloodwork taken, after asking me if it would scare her.  (Which I thought was sweet.)  And he talked about her cute curls and told me about his daughter (who is now forty-four, if you were wondering).  Then he asked if he could give Elizabeth a present and handed her a dollar.  She was delighted and told him thank you and then said to me in a whispered voice “money!”  (She understands a little about money because whenever she is particularly cute around Grandma, my joke is to tell her to ask Grandma for money.  Grandma usually gives her a dollar.)  After he left, she gave me the dollar and told me to put it in my pocket to keep it safe.

And Elizabeth just made me leave the computer to help her remove Barbie’s clothes, so I lost my train of thought and I don’t remember if there were any other stories I was going to tell you.