Your Questions Answered

I will now answer the questions that you guys left on this post.

From Lisa- I’ve been reading for a while and maybe you’ve covered it already, but I’d love to know more about yours and Matt’s early relationship (met in HS, right?). You two seem so prefect for each other- I love good relationship stories!

Yes, Matt and I did meet in high school.  We both moved around a lot while we were growing up and we overlapped in Texas, outside of Houston.  We lived across the street from each other.  I met him when I was fifteen (well, we were both fifteen, our birthdays are slightly more than two months apart) at my house when my family had a neighborhood Thanksgiving dinner and invited his family who had just moved in.  We became best friends when we were sixteen and started dating when I was about to turn seventeen.  Even before we were dating, in the best friends era, I knew I would marry him.

From Life of a Doctor’s WifeAre there stories behind Elizabeth’s and Luke’s names? I love hearing about names and their meanings and why they were chosen. (I love both names, by the way, not that that matters in the least.)

Well, kind of.  Mostly, they are just names that we liked.  We picked them both out one night when we were lying in bed and I was first pregnant with Elizabeth.  (But before we knew she was Elizabeth.)  We had actually picked out Luke years earlier, but it was still our favorite boy’s name when we revisited.  Elizabeth’s name was primarily a name we liked, but it is also after our families.  Elizabeth is my sister’s middle name and Rose (Elizabeth’s middle name) is Matt’s grandmother’s name.  We both have reasonably small families and rather obscure and old-fashioned family names (I am dealing with Rudolph and Brunhilde here) so I don’t think there won’t be any more family connections for potential future babies.

Also, Elizabeth’s name was not really my first choice.  It is a little too common for my taste.  (I say this as someone who grew up being named Jennifer.)  However, when we found it, I knew it was her name (and that was why I was not surprised to find out she was a girl).  I even tried out different names that I liked but Elizabeth was it and I couldn’t change it.

From Laura @ the DiniwilksI feel like I’m so new I don’t even know what to ask. I see from your About section that you like cooking and reading, so about about your favorite easy recipe and a good book recommendation?

My favorite easy recipe is this chicken.  I originally posted that recipe on my old blog years ago (the pictures are my old kitchen) and I moved it to this blog because I was always needing to link to it.

Asking me for a good book recommendation is like asking me for a good chocolate recommendation.  There are lots of good books!  So let’s go with current books instead of favorite books.  I just finished re-reading some acceptable but not fantastic books (the entire Cat Who… series).  I own most of those.  (I own a lot of books.  An entire wall in my dining room’s worth and I’ve pared down lately.)  I also just read the fourth Kingdom Keeper book by Ridley Pearson.  I like Ridley Pearson, though not as much as I like Ridley Pearson AND Dave Barry.  In the car, I am listening to A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeleine L’Engle.  (I have almost all of Madeleine L’Engle’s books and she is one of my favorite all time authors.)

From DanifredAsk Dibits if she thinks cookies or cake is better?

Her hair got fixed!  (Repeat question).  Her hair’s pretty!  (Repeat question.)  Flynn fixed her hair!  (Repeat question.)  Cookies.

Well, the Dibits was playing with her Rapunzel doll during that question.  And a few minutes before I asked her, she came and told me “what happened to her hair?”  I think she was reenacting the hair cutting scene from Tangled.  (Tangled is Elizabeth’s current favorite movie and possibly her all time favorite movie.)

From MandaI would like to know if you’re still using bumGenius diapers and if you’re still surviving on 18 of them. I’m starting to shop.

Yes!  We are still using the same original BG diapers and loving them.  And actually, Manda, I had nineteen diapers originally, come on, PAY ATTENTION.  ;)  I’ve gotten a few more diapers through freebies and winning contests (I highly suggest you do a little contest entering, I did very casually and won two diapers), but we’d still be fine with my original nineteen.  In fact, toddlers need to be changed less than newborns, we could probably get by on a lot fewer diapers now.  Sometimes I do wash twice before I fold and put away the diapers.  (Because I am lazy.)

For diaper recommendations, I’d say that no one could be unhappy with BumGenius or FuzziBunz.  (I got a free FuzziBunz.  I like a few things better about the BG and a few about the FB.)  If you think you’ll like velcro better (I do, Elizabeth is squirmy), then I suggest going with BG.  FB just came out with their velcro version and it is still kind of new and the reviews haven’t been fabulous for it yet.  I like velcro a lot better, but a lot of people have gotten a snap diaper and then immediately converted all their velcro diapers to snaps.

And my suggestion is also to shop around and find one diaper pattern that you really love, no matter which brand (even smaller, “off” brands), and get it for “showing off” purposes, because cloth diapers are adorable and really fun.

Do you have questions that I didn’t answer?  Ask them now and I will do ANOTHER post later.  Hey, it is hard to come up with material for every single day, sometimes I like you guys to do the work for me.