Still Sick

I’m still sick, in fact I upgrade from just a sore throat to a small cold.  Elizabeth coughed all night too and slept twelve and a half hours.  I slept ten and I am still tired.  I am not feeling that bad, but we are still going to stay home today to avoid infecting the public.

Since I am staying home all day, I’ve already cleaned the kitchen vents, scrubbed the inside of the microwave, cleaned the stove, and am doing laundry.  Might as well be productive, right?

My microwave light went out.  I looked up online how to change the bulb and the answer seems to be…get a new microwave.  Great.  Our microwave is one of those expensive, built-in, comes with the house type of microwaves, so I think we will just be microwaving in the dark for a while.

I am going to roast a turkey breast for dinner tonight.  I do this occasionally (or a ham) because I like all the leftovers we get.  And I really like turkey.  I am out of cranberry sauce though.


Please go leave Searching for Serenity a comment- today is one month after she lost her son, Xander.