Friday Night Leftovers

  • Elizabeth, who is still in love with all things Tangled and Rapunzel, often uses the term “Blondie” for Rapunzel, like Flynn does in the movie.  Only she pronounces it “Ronti!”  Which is hilarious.
  • She has taken to yelling at the dogs when they bark “it’s only Ronti!” to try to get them to be quiet.  (I don’t know why she thinks Rapunzel is making the dogs bark.)
  • Seriously, what is up with the mail?  I have two Etsy packages that I would have thought would have been here by now.
  • I’ve gotten a lot of new Twitter followers lately, but I also have lost a surprising amount.  Apparently I have gotten boring?
  • Also, sometimes Twitter doesn’t work when I try to follow people back.  Which is weird.  And then I forget to try again later most of the time.
  • I cleaned the entire downstairs.  And organized it.  So I really have nothing to do today.
  • We may decorate Easter eggs then.
  • I keep getting medical bills.  It has cost me about $6 to find out my placenta was normal and $5.36 to get all clears on the genetic tests.  (Which were done before.)  Also, thank goodness for good insurance, but this is still going to be really expensive.
  • Dinner last night was fantastic.  The turkey was great and the mashed potatoes were great.  If only I had cranberry sauce and felt like making gravy, it would have been all time fantastic.  Leftovers for lunch today.
  • Elizabeth ate her dinner last night standing on her chair next to me while I carved the turkey.  She kept snatching pieces of turkey and shoving them in her mouth.  Multiple times I had to grab back an entire turkey breast filet from her.  Then, obviously, she ate very little when we actually sat down to dinner.
  • I would pay very good money for a video of Rapunzel brushing her teeth.
  • The sleeping pills my doctor gave me are very effective.  I am no longer waking up in the middle of the night for hours and not getting enough sleep.  However, we had a giant storm two nights ago and Matt was complaining about it waking him up for hours.  (I slept in the guest room, to try to avoid infecting Matt with my illness.)  I said “what storm?”  Matt is now concerned that I would sleep through the house burning down or something like that.
  • One of the downfalls of cloth diapering is potty training.  I know it is said that kids in cloth potty train much faster.  But since I am not paying for diapers, I am so unmotivated to potty train Elizabeth.  I am lazy and it is easier to change diapers.  (Or at least it is in the short term.)

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