Easter- Eggs and Candy

On Friday, Elizabeth and I decorated Easter eggs.

She thought it was really fun.

Also, I am a genius for doing the egg decorating in the glass baking pan.

Guess who had yellow fingers when she was finished?

Our eggs came out all pretty.  Until they dried and then they were less perfect.

We also used the dye that Maresi sent us, which made the prettiest pearl-y eggs, but I only have this one very blurry picture (actually, I have more blurry pictures but this is the best one) since Elizabeth had to watch while I decorated these.  And by the time I realized my pictures were blurry (about ten minutes ago), we had eaten these.  (Matt loves hardboiled eggs.)

All we did for Easter this year was an Easter basket for the Dibits.

Dibits approved of her Easter basket.  (“Um, a basket full of candy before breakfast, YES, PLEASE MAMA.”)

Please note the bunny shaped hairbow in her hair.

After the loose candy, the first thing she pulled out was her bubbles.

And then she spent about forty-five minutes this morning quietly playing with her clay.

We were given SIX Easter worthy dresses this year.  Five of them were from my mother-in-law.

I find this picture very amusing.

I really like these two.