So many people asked to see the free stuff from the Cloth Diaper Change that I took a picture.  (Except the training pants in the upper left hand corner, I bought those there.)

And some close-ups…

Elizabeth picked out the training pants herself.  I offered her the girly pair they had, but she wanted the giraffes.  But these are soft minky fabric on the inside, so I approve.

Yesterday I got the footprint necklace I ordered.  And I don’t know.  I am really happy with the footprint side and the birthstone.  But the side I intend to wear facing out most of the time, with an L initial…I don’t know.

It photographed better than it actually looks, in my opinion.  The initial monogram is really off center and not really even.  And there is a scratch looking mark underneath it.  I know that this is handmade and not supposed to be perfect, but I think it is a little too far off.

I am going to live with it for a day or two before I decide if I want to ask her to remake it.  I did spend quite a lot on this necklace and I intend to wear it a lot, so I want to be happy with it.