Many Things

Okay, a lovely friend emailed the Etsy person for me (in my crankiness yesterday, I just couldn’t handle it) so she will be redoing the L side of the necklace once I send it back.  And I am glad because when Matt got home from work and I showed it to him, he said “well, THIS side looks great, but if I didn’t already know this was an L, I wouldn’t be able to tell.”  It is always nice to be validated.


I finally got a return phone call from my OB office yesterday about the results of my clotting disorder test.  I was told that they were “slightly elevated but the doctor is not concerned”.  Which is basically the worst answer I could have gotten.  Pretty much every baby making test I have ever had has given me the same answer.  “Well, you aren’t NORMAL, but you aren’t abnormal enough to actually DO anything about it.”

It may sound strange, but I was really rooting for a positive result on that test.  It is treatable.  And it is so much less scary than never knowing what happened and just hoping for luck for it never to happen again.

I asked the nurse a bunch of questions and she is going to check and call me back, at which point I will ask for a copy of my results so that I can see for myself just how abnormal I am and see if I want to get a second opinion.  Also, I believe I need to have the test repeated because you are supposed to get it done twice, six weeks apart.


I also am starting to feel like I am at the point where I need to see some kind of specialist.  I am starting to fall farther and farther out of the statistical majority.  And for the most part, regular OB/GYNs are supposed to treat normal.  I have only ever seen a regular OB/GYN and I think that is where some of my frustration has come from.

I think I might need to give it a little more time before I head off looking for a specialist though.  As much as it bothers me to wait, I think I need to get back to a little more normal (for me) before I start fighting this again.  I mean, I am still having post-partum bleeding (I thought I was done with that, but it was a false alarm) (and yes, it still falls within the normal “some women may have bleeding for four to six weeks” which I always have) and I think I need to chart a few “normal” cycles to see where I am before I start interfering with it.

I also think that I need to start at a perinatologist instead of a RE.  Luke’s death got me the official 646.33 coding on my chart (recurrent pregnancy loss or the more fun sounding habitual aborter, if you aren’t up on your coding).  And I’ve now had more trouble staying pregnant than getting pregnant (not that I find getting pregnant that easy either, but it isn’t impossible).  And if you have any advice on this whole specialist thing, feel free.


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