More Questions Answered

Sarah in Ottawa asks:

How did you guys finally get together? Or how did he propose?

Well, how did we finally get together, hmm…  Okay, so we actually weren’t dating for the longest time but everyone thought we were (how dare two opposite sex teenagers spend time together without dating!).  When we finally got everyone convinced (or at least to give up), we started making out a lot.  Oops.

Our proposal was kind of business-y.  I asked him “so you want to ask me to marry you soon, right?”  And then we had a discussion about how long normal engagement times were.  (Matt was apparently under the impression that a month long engagement was completely normal and acceptable.)  And we got married something like five months later.

Maresi wants to know (a lot of things apparently):

When will you get the results of the blood panel back? I got them two days over the phone but I’ll pick up a paper copy next week.  (But I already whined about this over the internet plenty.)

How do you like the hair treatment you got? I thought we were going to get pictures! I love the hair treatment.  My hair is suddenly easy to manage.  And you are going to get pictures.  Blame Maria.  (Not your Maria, Maresi.)  I was going to ask her to take them and now the stupid weather got in the way.  (Jen is wearing her pouty face.) I will have to find someone else instead. 

Who is your favorite Florida blogger besides Barb or Farah? 😉 Um, let’s see, I don’t know, let me think…

Life of a Doctor’s Wife asks:

When Elizabeth is older and people force nicknames on her, will you prefer Liz or Beth or Libby or something else? I don’t actually know.  I don’t actually love any of those enough to give them to her myself- we are sticking with Dibits and Cheekies for now.  :)  But I do know that I will be okay with whatever because when we named her Elizabeth, we agreed that all the nicknames were acceptable.  Not like my sister’s friend’s mom, who would not call her to the phone if you asked for Lizzie and not Elizabeth.

My husband is another who could never choose a favorite book or a favorite chocolate. So let’s hear some of your favorite chocolates please! I like milk chocolate and not the cheap ones.  I do not like dark chocolates, except in a few exceptions.  White chocolate is boring.  I mean, I’ll eat it if you give it to me, but eh.  If you’d like to put together some hazelnuts and chocolate or some almonds and chocolate, that would be excellent.

Also, since I’m hungry, what are some of your “desert island” foods? Really good bread with really good butter has always been my favorite answer to favorite food questions.  I also like a nice homemade pasta.  If I had to eat nothing but bread and pasta for the rest of my life, I’d be happy.  However, sandwich bread?  Like Wonderbread and such?  I don’t like it.  I usually will not eat it at all.  When we don’t have “real” bread in our house, I eat my sandwiches as if I were on the Atkins diet.  I also like vegetables a lot, though I am moderately picky about which vegetables.

Mrs. Blur wants to know:

I’ve been curious on the journey to precious Luke? You just kinda popped that on us one day 🙂 which was awesome, I LOVE surprises! Getting pregnant with Luke was…easy.  I didn’t even have time to agonize over it.  I didn’t even test until I was on CD31 (although, come on, I was totally positive I was pregnant at that point because for me, that is five days late and I have never had a cycle longer than 28 days unless I’ve been pregnant).  (But CD31 was Christmas morning and I thought that was sweet.  So I waited.)  The cycle before I got pregnant with Luke was my all time worst cycle, only 22 days long and seriously screwed up.  We were going to start TRYING in January, with ovulation tests and stress and etc., so he kind of squeaked under the wire of our “eh, let’s see” time.  Basically, I am fertile like a regular person a few times a year and we just had good timing this time.

I don’t know why I waited so long to say anything about being pregnant.  We wanted to wait until after our trip to Disney (I turned twelve weeks at Disney).  And I had people I wanted to tell in person before I put it on my blog.  But I waited much longer than I needed to and I don’t even know why.  I almost wish I hadn’t.  For example, most of the people in my mom’s group who even knew I was pregnant only found out the day before we found out Luke was dead, which I think made it a lot less real.

I wrote this post the day of my first ultrasound.  I was eleven and a half weeks and it was the first confirmation that we had a living baby.  And it was magical to drive home through the beautiful snowy woods with that knowledge.  Before that day, I had been protecting my heart more than I even realized and that was the first day I allowed myself to dream instead of just hope.  And the fact that Elizabeth was at a friend’s house gave me my first real time alone with just that baby.  It’s one of my favorite memories.

Leanne asks:

So now that Elizabeth has been to Disney World, where do you want to take her next? And if you could travel somewhere, either just you or just you and Matt, where would it be? and why? Um, Disney World.  And Disney World?  Matt and I got married at Disney World, remember.  I’ve also always wanted to travel to Australia, Egypt, and Japan, which are all places that I have never been.  I want to travel to Europe with Matt and Elizabeth some day and go back and see all the things I saw as a child.  (We lived in England for four years, I’ve been almost everywhere in Europe.)  But it will be tricky to take Matt to Europe.  Europe is…small.  Cars are small, hotel rooms are small, doorways are short.  And when you are dealing with someone who is nearly seven feet tall, that makes the trip a lot less appealing.  My dad’s friend in England lived in an eight hundred year old house.  And as a twelve year old, I could stand with my feet flat on the floor and put my palms flat on the ceiling.  I just don’t think Matt would FIT well in Europe.  We did almost take a European cruise once but it was too expensive in the long run.  But I still think a cruise is our best bet for travel comfort.

Barb says:

I want to know what your original first name choice was and what your dream destination is? I don’t reveal names before babies are born.  And since we don’t know if we will be using any of those names again, I am not telling.  Ask me in a few years when we are done having children.

My dream destination right now is probably Australia.  Matt promised YEARS ago to take me to Australia some day.  But at the moment we are handicapped by the fact that it is far away and expensive.  It will be years before Matt gets enough vacation time to handle a trip to somewhere that far away.

Danifred asks Dibits (I’m assuming you are asking Elizabeth, I choose cookies and that is probably obvious): Cookies or Rapunzel? Cookies for breakfast or Rapunzel? Cookies for breakfast and cake for lunch or Rapunzel?

Dibits says: “Susan!”  (From Monsters Vs. Aliens.)  Then she said “Look!  In my hand!”  And she held up her Rapunzel doll (who lost her clothes somewhere, poor Rapunzel.)  And then a minute later she walked over and said “I NEED A COOKIE.  STOP TYPING.  I NEED A COOKIE.  STOP TYPING.”  Then she forcefully pulled my arm off the keyboard and I had to get her a cookie.  You know, since we brought it up and all.

Sarah asked:

Where have you loved living the most? Where would you live if you could go anywhere? I loved Florida and I love it here.  If I could choose, I’d live in Florida again, but nearer to Orlando, but I’d live in this neighborhood here and take some of the people with me.  I also loved living in Northern California when I was growing up.  I am truly a California girl at heart, even though it has been a very long time since we lived there.  (We lived in California for about ten years, but in two year chunks.)  Actually, I take it back, I’d live in Northern California, but move the Florida stuff there and all my people.  And California would have to be cheaper, it is too expensive to be ideal.

When are we building our commune for everyone? I could probably find some land here in the Midwest (woo to the hoo, right?). Based on my last paragraph, I choose a cheap part of Northern California.  We’ll start construction next week.  You go down there first and scout out a good place.

You are very good with lists, schedules, routine. Want to help me get into one? Sure.  Write everything down.  That is the only way I get things done.  If it is written down, I get it done.  If it is not written down, I forget about it completely.  I actually had my kitchen cleaning routine written down and posted on a index card in my kitchen when I got tired of forgetting to clean the high chair every night.  Speaking of writing things down, I have to email Barb about something that Matt asked me about last week that I didn’t write down and forgot about until now.