Friday Night Leftovers

  • I am going through Elizabeth’s old clothes and storing them away.  (They were kind of already stored, but poorly.)  Anyone have any brilliant tips?  I am kind of sorting them by type (pajamas in one pile, dresses in another) and I am thinking I will pull all the gender neutral clothing and put it in a separate box.  I have about two-three of those plastic storage bins worth, so I am not sorting by size.
  • I’m getting rid of my nursing cover because I never liked it.  If I have another baby, someone remind me that this is why I cannot find it and I need to buy a nicer one.
  • I watched the wedding this morning when I woke up.  I watched most of it on fast forward.  The only few times I’ve gone back to watch my own wedding on DVD, I’ve watched the ceremony bits on fast forward.
  • Do you know why I like the royal family?  They are glamorous (for the most part), but unlike celebrities in the US, they know how to behave themselves (for the most part).
  • Also, I lived in England for four years growing up.
  • When Elizabeth got up this morning and found me watching the wedding, she told me that she’d rather watch Toy Story 2.  She’d settle for Toy Story 1 if Toy Story 2 wasn’t acceptable.
  • And no, I didn’t watch Charles and Diana’s wedding, on account of only being a month and a half old.  Or at least, I don’t remember watching it.  Did they seem to like each other as much?
  • I’m getting through my List items rather more quickly than I thought.  Pretty much the entire downstairs is organized and I’ve moved on to the upstairs.  Pretty soon I’ll have to start doing things like organizing the photo albums and finishing the scrapbook from my wedding.
  • Speaking of my list, one of the items is to frame pictures for the playroom wall.  Check out this album of the Dibit’s two year pictures (which you will have already seen here) and tell me which picture to frame for the wall.  I am deciding mostly between picture nine and picture eleven.  (Not that a good consensus couldn’t change my mind, I am highly influenced by you internet people.)  It needs to be a vertical picture or one that I can crop to make vertical (like picture 22).

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