One Day Before Marching

Tomorrow is the March for Babies walk here.  We are ready!

If you’d like to donate to our walk, this is your last chance.  And yes, I got greedy (can you really be greedy when raising money for charity though?) and now I want to make it to the NEXT nice round number.

So if you have the means and the inclination to donate, please do so here. Even little tiny amounts help, so don’t feel like you shouldn’t donate just because you can only afford five dollars.


Now, for tomorrow’s walk, I want to make a sign for Elizabeth’s stroller.  I am thinking it will say “Some of my best friends were premature…Thanks, March of Dimes!”  If you’d like me to put your baby’s name on it, please leave a comment below.  Please say if it is in honor or in memory of.  And if you use a nickname on the internet but would like the real name on the sign, feel free to email me at herewegoajen at gmail.

Also, I’d be honored to include your baby (or you or a baby you know or any connection that has benefited or could have benefited by the March of Dimes) whether or not you donated this year, whether or not you’ve ever commented before, whether or not you are a regular reader.  Anyone is welcome.