Marching for Babies

Today was the March for Babies.  First of all, thank you so much for all of you who donated or cheered us on.

Here is our team, TeamGabriel.

At the event, they had bandanas for everyone to wear.  Elizabeth got dark purple because she was full term.  I had a light purple for the premature babies on our sign and a white one for the babies we wish were still here.

As always (I’ve been doing March of Dimes for six years?  Seven?  But not every year, we’ve moved during it a few times, like last year.) I took a picture of the crowd for size.  And the crowd was larger than it looks here.

The Dibits thought that since pretty much everyone else was walking, she ought to walk too.  I had to stop at about mile two and force her back into the stroller.  (She can unbuckle the buckle, unfasten the tray, and climb out herself.  Great.)

Here is our stroller sign.  It didn’t photograph great.  I included all the babies I am an Internet Auntie to that are either missed or spent some time in the NICU.  (If I missed yours, that is because I did the sign right before bed last night and sometimes I am an idiot.)  The stars and hearts are for the babies that didn’t get names.

After the walk, Elizabeth and her friend Adam held an impromptu dance party in front of the DJ’s booth.

They were kind of adorable.  Look for them elsewhere because two of the event’s professional photographers were taking pictures of them during this.

It was a very successful day.

And Mrs. Spit made me cry with her post today.  Also, we haven’t met yet?  I keep forgetting.  It was our honor to walk in memory of Gabriel.