Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

We have officially gotten our money’s worth out of our zoo passes by going the third time this year. We went with Courtney et al.

This was the first picture I took when we went in and I love it. If you ask Dibits, those are ducks. If you ask Isaac, those are frogs. (He told me that in the parking lot before we came in though, he may have changed his mind.)

I look silly here but I thought it was funny enough to post.

Dibits pretended to be a bird.

When you go places with other adults, you can finally get some pictures taken of yourself.

I was asked if these two were twins. (She’s a year and a half older and like a foot taller. I mean, just look at the additional leg.)

THESE are the two that look like twins. (Six months apart, within a few inches of height, and like to walk around holding hands. Courtney, we should dress them in matching outfits next time.)

Dibits was getting tired of the photographs at this point, but remained cute. And come on, she’s riding an elephant!