Wee Dibits

I realized that since I moved this blog last year, there are a lot of people who may have never seen the Dibits as a teeny baby. So I randomly grabbed a few (a lot of) old pictures of her. And if you have seen these before, well, they are still cute.

Here she was three days old.

I loved this sweater.

Red socksies!

This is the picture I still carry in my wallet.

She eventually stopped doing this weird thing with her thumb.

The first day she and Truckie met each other. They still play together.

She was determined to walk. It’s really no wonder that she started walking so early.

Baby Cheekies did NOT wear hats. (That is a hat she is flinging out of the picture.)

I was so sad when I had to retire this dress.

They were both concerned about their imprisonment.

She was just barely starting to get enough hair to curl in this picture.

“Got to sweep the house and put away the dishes before my friends arrive.”