Child Goes By

Today, I stopped by the pediatrician we are switching to and filled all out the paperwork to have Elizabeth transferred to their practice.  The first line asked for her name and then said “child goes by?”  I put Elizabeth but I could have put:

  • Cheekies (coined by her daddy because…well, you saw the pictures from yesterday)
  • Dibits (pronunciation by Elizabeth herself)
  • Wibef (pronunciation by Isaac)
  • Weebip (pronunciation by Adam)
  • Susan (Monsters Vs. Aliens)
  • Barbie (Toy Story 3)
  • Brown Barbie (This one is new and I was confused as she demanded I call her that as we walked all over Walmart yesterday.  Later I figured out that Brown Barbie refers to the part in the credits of Toy Story 3 when Barbie dresses in a dark gold evening gown and dances.  In other words “go, Brown Barbie!  Dance!”
  • Rapunzel (Tangled)
  • Ronti (Elizabeth’s pronunciation of “Blondie” from the Tangled movie)

Just now, I asked her what her name was and she declared “Brown Barbie”.