Your Thinking Caps Please

I need you all to apply your brilliant minds to a technical problem.  Dibits, as we remember, has always been excellent at bypassing and overcoming the child-proofing.  Lately, she’s learned to pop the child locks directly off the door handles.  She can’t open them, so she just pulls until they come off altogether.

Mostly I don’t mind, but the first few times she did this, she opened the front door.  If I hadn’t heard the clattering as the two halves of the doorknob cover fell to the floor, the Dibits would have made it into the street.  So on the doors that lead outside, we need another solution.  (And oddly, she has only broken off one doorknob cover- into her closet- that wasn’t leading to the outside.  Well, maybe that isn’t odd.  Perhaps she just craves freedom more than she wants to get into the guest bathroom.)

For the front door, I installed a chain lock.  (Oh, and before anyone suggests that I simply keep the doors locked, she knows how to unlock both the button locks and the deadbolt.)  Now she can open the door a few inches but she cannot get out.

But for the back door and the door leading to the garage, this won’t work.  The back door is metal and I tried to drill through it for the chain lock, but it didn’t work.  Plus, the way the door is set into the frame, the chain lock doesn’t really fit either.  (I would have to install it at a right angle, not straight like you are supposed to.)  And for the garage door, if I chain locked that, Matt would have to be let in every night when he came home from work.  Which, of course, is possible, but he would find it very frustrating.

As she can’t reach the button to open the garage door, she can’t get out into the street from there.  But she likes to pretend to drive our cars, which is highly annoying when she does it unsupervised (she pushes EVERYTHING and resets EVERYTHING and the next time you turn the car on- whoa.)  And the garage isn’t exactly babyproofed either, with things like the toolbox and paint out there, and shelves with boxes stacked tall.

For the back door, it’s temporarily okay.  She could get out into the backyard, but we are fenced in, so she’d be fairly safe.  Right now, I have tape holding the doorknob cover on, but that won’t last long.  I’m sure it will be only a matter of days before she figures out to pull that off.

(Also, the escape into the outside world problems are only the worst case scenario.  It’s also highly annoying to stand there and hold the door shut while she screams “I no YIKE dis, Mama” and throws a tantrum because I won’t let her play in the street.  She’s rarely unsupervised, it’s mostly an annoyance thing for me, but I do like to go to the bathroom alone sometimes too.)

So, anyone have any brilliant ideas?  Have you seen a doorknob cover that works for a Houdini child?  Any other solutions?  The next best thing I can come up with is to have locks with keys installed into the doors and then take the keys out, but I have a feeling that would get pretty expensive and I am still paying lots of hospital bills.