Friday Night Leftovers

  • Thank you for all the nice supportive comments yesterday and to those of you who emailed me instead of commenting.
  • For the doors, I have decided to put a chain lock on the back door, like the one on the front door.  I think it will work okay, even if it will have to be at a weird angle because of how the door is set.  And since Cece’s Aaron pointed out that I probably can drill through the metal door, I will keep trying or get someone else to do it.  (I stopped trying when it didn’t go immediately through because I didn’t want to wreck the door and not have it work.)
  • For the garage door, I think I will have my dad install a key lock when he comes to visit.  I don’t quite have the handyman talent to do that myself (my dad measures and stuff, I tend to just eyeball things and they end up just a smidge crooked).  Then we’ll hang the key on a hook out of Elizabeth’s reach so that adults can get it.  And I will feel better having a deadbolt lock on that door anyway, since we don’t at the moment.  I’d like one regardless of Elizabeth’s escape powers.  (But don’t come rob me, I do have an alarm system, a guard dog, and a giant husband.)
  • Elizabeth is (kind of) rubbing my back while I am writing this.  She has a long way to go before she’ll be a certified masseuse, but it at least feels pleasant.
  • We went to the park for a picnic with lots of our friends today.  It was such beautiful weather and such a nice day.  Not quite long enough though.  And I think I need to get one of those chairs that folds up into a bag to keep in the back of my car.  Maybe two of those chairs so that I have one for my friends to sit on too.
  • Elizabeth smashed her forehead into the ground two days ago.  (General Public: “Oh my goodness, what happened?”  Me: “Uh, she fell down?”)  You know how you skin your knee?  She skinned her forehead.  She cried for a remarkably short time because we were at the park with friends.  Then on the way home, almost an hour later, she rubbed her hand on her forehead and remembered that she hurt herself and cried the whole way home.  She’s been walking around with two bandaids on her forehead since then.
  • I am happy for the neighbor that she has finally started actually using her backyard.  I have watched her decorate and landscape it since we moved in last year.  But the very first time ever that she actually sat down in it (and with other people too), she held a party with loud talking voices outside my bedroom window until 11:30pm.
  • Matt felt the need to stop by the store last night on his way home to buy presents for his Dibits.  (He likes this girl, apparently.)  She is now the proud owner of a Rapunzel tower.  And this morning, I went into her room and said good morning.  She told me that she needed to play with Rapunzel.
  • I hired someone to cut the lawn for us (not quite as cheap as buying a lawn mower, but way more convenient) and she didn’t come yesterday when she was supposed to.  She called me just now to say there was a death in her family.  Fine and understandable- except that she also told me that six weeks ago when she didn’t return my call for a whole week.  I will give her one more family death before I get suspicious.
  • Trin thinks it is very unfair that I am not letting her outside right now so that she can bark at the lawn guy.
  • We got a call for a fairly distant relative yesterday- a relative who doesn’t have this phone number.  I strongly suspect that it was a collection call and that the collection agency is calling everyone they can find who is related to this person.
  • As usual, Elizabeth was too distracted to eat much at the picnic in the park, so she ate three plates full of food when we got home.
  • As we left for the park, I saw someone being arrested right outside my subdivision entrance.  We live in a fairly nice neighborhood.  This person was standing on the street, being handcuffed, with three police cars parked surrounding him.  And the police cars weren’t nicely parked, they were stopped all in a circle, like you would surround someone on television, leap out of the car, and shout “put your hands up or we’ll shoot!”
  • And on the way home (but much farther away from our house), I saw two police cars and a police dog searching someone’s car while they watched nervously by the side of the road.  Perhaps it is lay-some-smack-down day in our local police precinct?  I will have to see if I can find a local police blotter to see if I can figure out what was happening.

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