Cute Baby Saturday

Yes, we still take monthly pictures with Bear.

Here is the forehead scrape right after it happened.  (Pink cheeks are from crying, not from sunburn.)  It actually looks worse now because it bruised.

This morning, Dibits and I made pancakes together.  She looks terribly annoyed, but that is at the camera, not at the pancakes.

Then we both cooked pancakes.  One of us used the real pan and stove and the other one of us cooked fabric pancakes.

When her daddy came downstairs for breakfast, Elizabeth ran to him and said “I’m wearing my apron, Daddy!”  (Her daddy got that apron for her.)  “It has Minnie Mouse on it!”

Then I told her to ask her daddy if he wanted some pancakes.  She said “Do you want some to go to Chuck E. Cheese?”  Toddler minds are adorable.