My Best Girl

I was sobbing in the kitchen this morning.  Elizabeth heard me, brought her doll over and gave it to me, and then gave me a hug while she patted my back.  Then she declared that I needed a drink of milk, so she got me one.  (Except that she can’t reach the glasses or pour the milk, but she did open the refrigerator and point to the milk for me.  Also, she’d like to point out that it was all her idea, and without her, there would have been no glass of milk.)

Every time I burst into fresh tears, Elizabeth brought me a new doll.  Her favorite dolls too.  She pulled her Jessie doll’s pull string for me and then let me pull it myself.  I don’t think you can be more sweet and more generous if you are a toddler.

Then, sensing an easy mark, she asked me to give her a brownie.