Sick and Tired

Here’s the thing.  People keep apologizing to me.  “I’m sorry that I ignored you.”  “I’m sorry that I didn’t know what to say.”  And those are just the people who actually have the spine to apologize.  The others just keep doing the wrong things and not saying anything.

I am tired of forgiving people and I am tired of excusing people.

This is hard.  I get that.  It is hard to know what to say to me.  It is hard to know what to do.

But why don’t people seem to realize that this is so much harder for me?  You think it is hard to know what to say to a woman whose baby died?  Try being the woman with the dead baby.

Sometimes my feelings need to come first.

Disclaimer- No, not YOU.  Trust me, if you are nice enough to think that you’ve said the wrong thing or not said something when you should have, it wasn’t you.  I don’t know why I bother, since every time I say something like this, I only worry the nice people and the people who are jerks remain jerks and don’t realize it.