The Sink

First of all, big news.  It is long enough to braid.

I doubt it is long enough to stay braided however.

There was a discussion on Twitter a while back about whether an almost two and a half year old can fit into a kitchen sink.

Exhibit A:

I’m not saying she fits great or anything, but it is one of her favorite things to do.  Almost all her baths are in the sink now instead of the tub upstairs.

And this morning, she came running to me and said “I go in the sink?  I go in the sink?  I will not do splashies.  I go in the sink?”  (Also, she was lying about the splashing.  I need to go mop the floor.  In her defense, she didn’t do any on purpose splashing, so I suppose she was actually telling the truth.)

And now I have to get her out of the sink.  And mop the floor.