The Records

I got my entire medical chart from my OB’s office.  I really haven’t learned much from it.  Well, except that my doctor considers me a “pleasant female” and that apparently I am two years older than I thought.  Also, I “deny any homicidal or suicidal” intentions.

I also found out that I lost enough blood during delivery for it to be technically considered a hemorrhage and that is probably why I was so exhausted for so long afterward.  (And personally, I am wondering if they were counting the blood I lost earlier in that total or not.  The way it was worded, I thought it meant just during the delivery.)

It’s also very weird to read a description of your own surgical procedure, especially when they contain words like “weighted speculum” and “cervix grasped”.

I didn’t expect my records to contain any answers or anything, but I am glad I got them.  I am working on finding a specialist because, like I said before, I don’t think we are falling within normal OB range now.  I am not confident that we will ever get an answer to what happened, but I’d at least like to rule some things out.